Vite Colte, 'Villata', Roero Arneis 2019: This dry white wine from Vite Colte is just right for people who like it absolutely dry. The Roero Arneis Villata is already quite close to this, since it was pressed with just 4 grams of residual sugar. Balanced and complex, this creamy white wine is on the palate. Due to its succinct fruit acid, the Roero Arneis Villata presents itself wonderfully fresh and lively on the palate. In the finish, this white wine from the Piedmont wine-growing region finally inspires with good length. Again there are echoes of quince and black cherry. In the reverberation, mineral notes of the soils dominated by gravel and limestone are added. Alc 12.5% Grapes: Arneis

Vite Colte, 'Villata', Roero Arneis 2019

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