Sherry, Ximenez - Spinola, Pedro Ximenez, Half Bottle 2019: A vibrant, raisined sweet wine made with Pedro Ximenez. Made by PX specialists Ximenez-Spinola this is unusual in that this is a sweet unfortified PX from Jerez; not a sweet PX sherry. After harvest the grapes are left to dry outside in the sun for at least 3 weeks, this concentrates the flavours with 1000kg of fruit yielding just 200kg of must. Blended with less dehydrated grapes in the winery and then fermented in American oak to reach only 12% alcohol. Vibrant amber in colour with ripe grape and raisin notes on the nose. A fresh and velvety palate with flavours of dates, figs and raisins..A superb sweet wine that works perfectly with dark chocolate. Alc 12% Grapes: Pedro Ximenez

Sherry, Ximenez - Spinola, Pedro Ximenez, Half Bottle 2019

  • TYPE



    Pedro Ximenez

    STYLE Fortified Wine
    ABV 12%
    SIZE 375ml
    COUNTRY Spain