Food Menu Three



6 California Maki: Snow crab, avocado, spicy mayo and sesame.

5 Soft Shell Crab Maki: Crab, spring onion, cucumber, orange tobiko, pomelo and spicy sauce.

4 Nigiri: Raw tuna and salmon on sushi rice.

4 Crab Cake: White crab meat with herbs, breadcrumbs and tartar sauce.

Asparagus Wakame Salad: Asparagus, fennel, pomegranate and lettuce, seasoned with truffle dressing.


1 Lobster Noodles: Egg noodles, lobster, roast pepper sauce, carrots, leeks and beans.

1 Wok Scallop: scallop, asparagus, chillies, garlic and pak choi.

1 Chilli Chicken: Wok chicken with shallot, ginger, carrots, mandarin sauce and  lemon oil.

1 Egg Rice: Eggs, carrots, beans and spring onion.


2 Chocolate Mousse: White and dark chocolate mousse.