Tbilvino, "Qvevris", Rkatsiteli, Tbilisi, Georgia, Orange Wine 2019: The Tbilvino Qvevris Rkatsiteli (er-kat-si-telly) is an example of Georgia’s most traditional style of wine. Here Rkatsiteli grapes, from eighteen-year-old vineyards in Kakheti, are crushed and the juice, skin and pips are put into clay amphorae (qvevris), which are then hermetically sealed and buried underground, where fermentation takes place. The qvevris conical shape allows yeast and sediment to settle to the bottom and the wine to circulate around the vessel. When buried underground, the clay-amphorae maintain a constant temperature, much like a modern temperature-controlled tank. After approximately five months they are dug up and the wine is racked off. The time on the skins gives the wine an amber colour, whilst also changing its flavour and texture. This wine has rich apricot flavours, alongside notes of beeswax and walnuts. The finish combines a lively acidity with a subtle tannic grip, making it the perfect accompaniment to food. Alc 12.5% Grapes: Rkatsiteli.

Tbilvino, "Qvevris", Rkatsiteli, Tbilisi, Georgia, Orange Wine 2019

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  • TYPE Still


    STYLE Orange Wine
    ABV 12.5%
    SIZE 75cl
    COUNTRY Georgia

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